Fantasy Baseball ADP
Fantasy Baseball ADP

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Fantasy GameDay has had a long standing tradition of providing Average Draft Position Reports for Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football. Our ADP reports are not influenced by site rankings which means you get the most accurate view of who everyone, including industry experts and normal drafters, values at different points in the draft.

Not only do we provide in depth average draft position rankings and yearly trending reports, but we also have the most unigue draft tool for leveraging ADP at your draft... Scarcity Reports.

What are Scarcity Reports?

We take all the data for each position and break them into tiers based on how many teams are in your league.  Simple enough, right? How the Scarcity Reports are created is more complicated than that, but I boil all the data down into three printable sheets.  You heard me... THREE printable sheets. Every single player for every position fits on to 3 printable sheets in a tiered format.

Now you can walk into a draft room with three pieces of paper and remain in control from the opening draft pick.

Feel free to ask questions by email or instant message, or through Facebook and Twitter. We are here to help you make wise roster decisions.